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It is likely that during our lives as software developers we have used feature toggles, also known as feature flags. These give us the ability to modify our software by making just a few changes. Feature toggles have numerous uses, from A / B experiments, to showing new functionalities to a subset of our users, granting specific permissions, hiding functionalities that are not finished yet, and many more. But with great power comes great responsibility, in this article we will point out some good design patterns when defining, using and maintaining feature toggles.

1. Use descriptive names

Using a name that describes what the…

In this guide we will explain step by step how to make a console application that uses the Google Drive API to upload, delete and list files using the C # programming language. You can easily extend these examples if you want to use them in a web application.

1. Generate an Access Token.

First we need to create some new credentials. It’s mandatory to have an account and a project on Google Cloud Platform. Navigate to, select your project and click Create Credentials. Make sure it is of type OAuth client ID.

Daily reservations

In order to monitor the correct operation of an online reservation system, we have decided to focus on the number of daily reservations. In this way, if we detect that the amount varies significantly away from the trend that the previous days and weeks followed, we could be in the presence of a bug in our system.

To detect these outliers, we use a decomposition algorithm known as STL.

STL decomposition

STL is a robust method to decompose series into three main components: trend, seasonality, noise. STL is an acronym for “Seasonal and Trend decomposition using Loess”.

  • Trend: The increasing or decreasing…

Deploying a Docker image on Heroku is very simple but there are some details to keep in mind. In this article, we will explain step by step everything that must be done to avoid setbacks.

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Create your web application:

First, we will create a new MVC application with .NET Core 3.1 Framework and run it to see that everything went correctly.

Increasing profit is one of the main objectives of a company. One of the strategies to achieve this is to offer a fair and competitive price for your products or services, which translates into increased demand. But how do you get this “optimal” price, where the number of sales and the price maximizes profit?

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The answer is not so simple. Even having a price for a specific moment in time does not mean that this price will not change in the future due to market conditions. …

Visit-by-appointment systems offer many advantages to both patients and doctors, where time is maximized and used by both parties. The endless waiting by the patients is over, whilst instead the doctor can prepare for personalized attention and make an efficient organization of work, directly and positively affecting their productivity.

But, are we getting the most out of the appointment system?

One of the problems that we have detected in health centers and private consultations that are attending by appointments, is the loss of that space (slot) or time; either due to the non-presentation of the patient, known as a no-show…

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